Elastic Hearts

Elastic Hearts - Claire Contreras This is the third and last book... It's sad... But I have enjoyed the three of them.

Victor was great and the perfect definition of him was given by Nicole at the begging of their story:

"He'd always been funny. Strange and intense and funny. He was the kind of guy that could have you pinned against the wall one second and kick you out of his office the next but not let you think he was kicking you out"

But Victor is much more than this. He is also sweet, and hot, and smart, and an alpha male capable of a lot of jealously and al lot of sweetness.

Nicole is a sassy girl and I liked her all right She is strong and knows how to deal with Victor.
They have a lot of chemistry together but I have to say that, personally, I preferred the previous stories because both of them has an intensity this one doesn't.

But don't take me wrong, Elastic Hearts has enough love, hotness and friendship to give it four stars, so read it! Because U want to know more about Victor, I know you do!