Reaper's Rival

Reaper's Rival - Simone Elise DNF

It seems I am the dissenting voice here. I am clearly a minority. It looks like everyone loves this book but me! Maybe I'm weird, but I'm not finishing it.

The characters are so volatile, so flighty, so bipolar... they drove me crazy. The are constantly changing their minds and behaving like teenagers.

It's a bit weird how the childish and sometimes annoying Harrison's twins become crime's masterminds between book one and book two. How is it even possible? Abby suddenly is a hit woman? In three months? Come on!

It seems a joke to make us believe that Abby is capable of running a gang all of a sudden. And is pretentious on Abby to think she could. I don't know what kind of abilities she has developed in this time, but a cold soul and a perfect aim are between them, apparently.

And about the bipolar thing going on: one moment Abby thinks Damon is family and tattooed his gang name on her back and the day after that (literally next morning) she goes crying to her Daddy asking for help and betraying Damon and the Hellhounds? Is it normal? to accept Damon's assassination without hesitation?I don't think so, and I don't want to read anymore about such a bipolar, crazy and childish main character.

I really enjoyed the first installment, in spite of its inconsistencies, I gave it 3 stars but with this one, I'm done at 20%. I can't stand the constant change of minds, the juvenile behavior (in badasses bikers, no less) and the annoying heroine.

**An advanced reading copie of this book was generously provided to me by Inkitt, in exchange for an honest review**