Settling the Score

Settling the Score - Eden Winters
I love when I can't put a book down once I have started and, with "Settling the Score", it happened. I have been awake till 4 AM last night because I needed to finish it.

This is a beautiful love story between a man who has written 28 books and a guy who never has finished one. The contrast between them seems huge but, as you go along with the story, you realize both are very similar and they complete each other perfectly and, above everything, both are good men who just want to be happy and to be loved.

This is a slow burn MM romance with a southern naïve guy and an educated man who knows betrayal and disappointment first hand. Both main characters are very likable and not perfect at all but, at the same time, I can not say anything bad about them or their behavior, because I loved each one separately and I loved them together.

Is impossible not to feel sorry for Joey since the very beginning. Dumped and outed on national television in front of all his family in a small (and homophobic) southern town. But this is the perfect presentation for him because even in this moment, with all his dreams shattered, he managed to be kind, sweet and honest. Adjectives that characterize him till the end of the book.

I think the thing I loved the most is the inner evolution in Joey. How the shy guy becomes the confident man who wins the cynical writer's heart.

This is a great book. You are gonna smile (a lot). You're gonna feel sympathetic with both characters. Probably you're gonna cry (Oh yeah, I did it a couple of times) and you are gonna enjoy the journey these two started the day they met.
But I have to warn you: If you are expecting a lot of rough sex scenes and dirty talk (things that I absolutely love in a book, don't misunderstand me) this one is not for you. This is a sweet, beautiful story, that leaves you smiling and thinking good people deserves happiness in their lives.

Congratulations Eden Winters! You have a new fan in me!


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