Falling for Him

Falling for Him - C.L. Mustafic "By the time their lips met, he was sure there was already brain matter leaking from his ears"

Bisexual cop Lex Turner meets straight Doc Gavin Anderson and after a weird, messy threesome, something starts between the two of them. Something, none of them is prepared for.

This is, above everything, a book about friendship. No, cross out that. This is a funny and sweet book about friendship and love, riddled with great quotes and hot sex.

"Oh holly shit! Lex had kissed him again! Gavin was confused because he'd maybe, kind of, somewhat, enjoyed it. What the hell was going on?"

Gavin, our Doc, is a lovable dork, stuttering included. He is going through a disastrous divorce and he meets -apparently cold- agent Cooper, while he has to deal with the humiliation his shitty ex wife is giving him.
One night, after some drinks, straightforward Lex, and naïve and inexperienced Gavin, end up in bed together sharing a woman.

Here is my Warning: I have some friends that don't appreciate M/F/M sex scenes in MM romance books. Well, here we have two of them and they are completely explicit. In my opinion, it's vital in the story. It's the way our MCs connect and feel each other for the first time, and the scenes are sexy as hell, too.
Personally, I enjoyed these threesomes a lot, and not only because I am super smutty, but also because I could witness Gavin's insecurities in his first time "with" a man, and how Lex wanted to be with him, more than with the -nameless for me- girl.
These scenes reminded me slightly of the first encounters in "Just a bit obsessed" by Alexandra Hazard, book that I loved.

What to say about our heroes?

Gavin is cute, sweet and naïve. He seems confused most of the time. He is a bit lost, clueless, and I liked his oblivious behavior even though I think it was a bit too much. Really, I don't know how Gavin made it through a marriage (with a malicious bitch, no less) or though life in general.

Lex, on the other hand, is strength where Gavin is weakness. He is a experienced man who has a crush on the doctor since the very beginning. He is a selfless and devoted son, a loyal friend and in Gavin's words "officer Turner, aka Lex, the God of awesome, kinky, threesome sex".
But he is also insecure. He doesn't want to hurt the doc and he is afraid of telling him, a straight guy, that he has feelings for him.
Lex is affectionate and very funny and my favorite person in this story.

"Are you, doc?"
Gavin was speechless, but Lex waited until he couldn't compose himself enough to speak.
"Are I what?"
"Not an English professor, that's for sure"

Together they are cute and scorching hot at the same time.

In my opinion, It's not easy to write good supporting characters, but Riley and Sheila (the friends) deserve a mention here. The couple was understanding and really funny. I enjoyed their interactions a lot. Quotes like: "So you gonna be gay now?" or "I'm never talking to you again if you give any details about you and that cooper having butt sex" had me reading with a smile on my face most of the time.

I really enjoyed the progressive transition from occasional threesome participants-to friends-to lovers.
I always get the most out of the slow burn, the flirt, the not knowing what to do, the clueless characters and the funny and entertaining dialogues and, dear readers,"Falling for him" by CL Mustafic has it all.

So, why I´m not giving this book the highest rate? Well, basically the reasons are two: It turned a bit too long (not boring, not at all, just long) on the second half and, also, I REALLY HAVE TO LOVE a story and its characters to get to the maximum score. It is not an easy task, and the author did a great job here, really good, and I am looking forward to read what comes next with CL Mustafic. If it is something near this one, I´m gonna love it!

**This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Desingn in exchange for an honest review**