A Collision with Reality

A Collision with Reality - Storm Duffy 2.5 "put up or shut up" stars.

Erotica is not my genre, and this one is pure erotica, no feelings implied. Not right now, anyway, and I want to know what happens next, because I think if I knew more about Flynn and Dom I would enjoy the story more than I actually did.

I need to connect with the characters but "A collision With reality" is so short I couldn't do it, and it's a shame because it has the potential. If you like short and quick reads, you will enjoy yourself with this one.

Even if this is a very short story, it's well written and full of dirty talk (or I must say dirty thoughts since basically all the story is developed in Flynn's imagination)

I will read the next one, of course I will, I'm looking forward to know more about the main characters because I have to say that the hookup was over practically when it started, and I wanted more!

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