Murder in Plain Sight: a Summer McCloud paranormal mystery

Murder in Plain Sight: a Summer McCloud paranormal mystery - Nikki Broadwell **This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.**

This story starts with a murder connected to Summer, our heroine, that makes her run away, introducing the reader to an old mysterious disappearance, involving magic, ambiguous felonies, and more murders.
Everything happens very fast in this paranormal mystery, and I love the pace, don't misunderstand me, in fact I really enjoyed the first 50 pages. The pace was not my issue with this book.

My main problem with this one was the incoherence of the story, the inconsistencies.
I don't want to spoil nothing so I'm not giving examples but, sadly, this book has a few nonsenses, like incongruous conclusions and really wrong judgements, ironically coming the most from a cop (our heroine's boyfriend is a cop, a terrible one, if you ask me).

Every time I was enjoying the story and wanting to know what was going to happen, someone jumped to a ridiculous conclusion and kicked me off the book completely.

Maybe I didn't enjoy this one because I have read lots of mystery books in my life and I am a very picky with them. I don't know. I just know it wasn't for me.

I love the suspense, the way this kind of novels makes me think and has me constantly guessing and on the edge of my chair (or sofa, or bed).
I want them to be difficult, to make me struggle to know what is happening and who did what.

In my modest opinion, in mystery, is equally important the conclusion and the way you come to this conclusion. I think this is exactly the charm mystery books has, and what "Murder in plain sight" lacks.

I hate to give bad reviews but this book was not for me, and it's really a shame because the premise seemed very attractive, and I usually enjoy paranormal mystery.

If you are not as used as I am to mystery books maybe you could love this story.