Leo Loves Aries

Leo Loves Aries - Anyta Sunday What an awesome read!
What a nice way to reach the maximum rate!
Congrats, Anyta Sunday, you did it again!

This is the kind of book I always crave. This is the story I always want to read and feel. These are the characters that always make me smile. These are the conversations that I enjoy the most: the funny and smart ones.

This is the kind of book my kids and husband are afraid of: the one that makes me forget everything around and skip out on any task and keep reading. Yeah, yeah, Shame on me..., but when I'm loving a book it keeps me absorbed and unconscious of the the world around. My obsession level was so high with Theo and Jamie's story, last Sunday (hitting the 60% of the book) when my little girls were asking for dinner I thought "Dinner!?? If they just had lunch! How many times humans need to feed!". ;) Yep, that disturbing level.

Now, seriously. There are terrific reviews out there, and this isn't going to be one of them because I can't say anything new (so I'm not trying to do it).I just gonna say: If you like slow burn MM romance, you have to read this one, because it will give you what you are asking for. A perfect friends-to-lovers story.

But if you have any doubts or need further incentive, I just gonna expound a few undeniable facts:

Jamie and Theo are awesome. They are good people who deserves happiness, and more good people to share their lives with. Special mention here to Leone. She is a terrific character, I love her strength and independence. I'm Proud of her!

The book is very funny . Great quotes, fantastic humor and awesome interactions. I loved every single page.

The slow burn is delicious.The flirt. The tease. The growing trust. The sweet and entertaining jealousy.

The friendship this two guys build is enviable. You can witness the bond growing while Theo and Jamie create something beautiful. I was mesmerized.

"Love is a Hollywood invention. It's right next to Maglor and Middle Earth in a Talkien dictionary"

The sex is hot and in the perfect amount . Dirty and funny, between hot guys that I completely loved. I especially love Theo, he is one of those characters I become obsessed with. Oh, who I'm kidding? I am a little obsessed with Jamie too. He is kind, caring with both the Leos, patient and super funny. Jamie is lovely and the perfect match for our smartass Theo. There is a characteristic both of them share and its is selflessness. They always act in their beloved ones benefit.

"And if I can't swim?"
"I swim for both of us"

One of the most beautiful things in this story is the fact that Theo never asks himself if he is gay. There is no inner struggle. He never questions his sexuality or attraction to another man. The feelings just flow. He is attracted to his best friend, he has fantastic sex with him, he cares about Jamie and wants him to be happy. And after some funny time being clueless, he discovers he is completely in love with him.

"He'd never been turned on by any other guy before. He was confident when he said he wasn't gay. The thought of getting off with Jamie didn't make him question his identity or make him curl into a ball of angst. Sex didn't define who he was"

I really love the the initial quotes in every chapter. A smile always in my face imagining the situation described. Loved it!

So, let's recap: this lovely story is about honesty, friendship and loyalty. Here you have two good guys, and you always want to read about good guys who find love, right? Much more if they are hot, smart, funny and written by Anyta Sunday.

I almost feel pity for my next book... It has to be soooo goood, just to compete with Leo loves Aries.

**This book was generously provided to me, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review**