Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts - Claire Contreras "There was a confort that came with knowing you were understood on a deeper level, one that went beyond words"

This was an awesome read and the quote above summarize perfectly this love story.

It was sweet, funny, hot and with the perfect amount of angst.

When I finished  "Kaleidoscope Hearts" I was hungry to know more about Jensen and Mia, and they don't disappoint. Not at all.

At first I thought I will be Team Mia, since for the info I had, he left her for another woman, but forgive Jensen wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I loved him since the very beginning... He was perfect.

The book has, like Oliver and Estelle's story, some great quotes, paragraphs, pages even. 
It's a reading where you feel everything with them: empathy, sadness, lust, happiness and, not just because I am a mother, I think anyone could feel identified with Jensen and the way he is with Olivia.

"He was a mess of brokeness, a mess of emotions that had been fucked with long ago, and I was the glue that once tried to fix him. But I couldn´t. I couln´t fix him because I wasn´t his savior, as he wasn´t mine. I was just as lost as he was, and maybe that was what attracted us to one another, our vulnerability and willingness to be with another lost soul"

This is a story about mistakes and second chances, but first of all, this is a book about soul mates. 

Enjoy it!