Soul of a Warrior

Soul of a Warrior - Denna Holm This is a fantasy book in a Science Fiction frame, maybe you can define it as a interplanetary fantasy. It's not paranormal romance as I thought when I started reading it. In fact the main characters are in different places (planets!) for more than the 60% of the book. Maybe the book description gives the wrong idea, but this story is much more than it looks at first sight.

The idea is pretty cool and I have to say that Denna Holm has created a great universe here. The book is very well written and very visual, It's easy to imagine this book on screen. I really like the idea of hunters and trackers and the way they work together.

Soul Of a Warrior is an fantasy adventure with an underlying love story, settled in the nice premise that you carry part of someone´s soul within your body since the moment of your conception and part of your´s is with them.

The author moves the heroine from a cowboy's bar in Oregon, to Lavina, a terrifying planet where Kimi, her two friends and her cat have to survive facing all kind of critters. Between them, very attractive creatures as vampires (Laizahlians) and werewolves (lycaeonians), not so attractive ones like slavers, and interesting beings as dragons (esjnars), kalamaks, eyotas, Zephir... The author shows a great imagination creating this alien world.

"Why she couldn´t be a normal person and just screw some boy in the back sit of a car. Wasn´t that wild enough? No, she´d rather save herself for someone really special, like a blood-drinking, green-eyed freak"

Kimi is a strong female character and very often a very funny one. I love the strength in her and the pragmatic way she faces the danger and the fear. I like her the most when they arrived the gate of Xandraya (I know, I know, a super cool name for a city in an alien planet). This is, probably, my favorite part in the book.

I like when a female character is capable of support the main role in a story. This one can. Perfectly and I have to congratulate the author for that.

I have to say I found some scenes a little too long but maybe because I'm not a big fan of action/adventure books. But everything changes once the three humans arrives Xandraya. Great action starts there and I enjoyed it a lot. My problem resides in the too described scenes where Kimi, Mandy & company face danger after danger, and critters and more critters. I would loved to read the interaction between the humans and the laizahlians & lycaeonians since the beginning and not so far the in the story. But it's just me, probably any reader (specially fantasy's fans) would love it.

I want to emphasize I found Gabriel and Calem very interesting, and I hope they will have their own book. Tallyn and Amanda were both also amazing characters, and I would loved to read more about them together. Maybe they will have their own book?

I recommend this book to any fantasy/science fiction adventures fan and I'll wait for more, because there will be more, right?

An advanced reading copie of this book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review