Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Jay Northcote First of all, I must say, even though this is book three in the Housemates series, it can be read perfectly as a standalone novel. But I recommend reading the predecessors, just for the fun of it!

Dev has to move out his dorm because some stupid homophobic students are giving him a hard time.
Settle in his new home, he meets Ewan, his neighbor, who agrees to give Dev some sexual experience in exchange of statistics lessons.
What Ewan is really doing is protecting a sexy and naïve guy from a not so innocent world, so you could say, Ewan's intentions are sweet and kind from the very first moment and it makes you love him since the beginning.
And the same with Dev. This cute, insecure, virgin guy, weird in the social relationships, is so lovely and insecure you gonna like him since page one.
These two characters together? they are adorable!

I really enjoyed this story. Dev and Ewan are sweet, cute and funny. Once I started I could not stop reading. This is something Northcote usually do for me, so it wasn't a surprise.

The pace is great, the conversations fluid and funny, the characters very likable, entertaining and developed, and the sex is hot.

This is the other thing I loved of this book: good, steamy, hot sex in the exact and perfect amount. And the same with the angst. There is little angst, coming mostly from Dev and Ewan's insecurities and fears. But it is something light, easy, based on the uncertainties of our main characters and perfectly fitted in this sweet and lovely story.

No doubt Jay Northcote knows how to write MM romance.