Princess Dracula

Princess Dracula - John Patrick Kennedy All starts in a convent in 1476 where an eighteen years old princess awaits for his father who is, no more and no less than the almighty Vlad Dracula.

A sarcastic and tyrant angel changes her in something she doesn't want to be and that is what this story tell us: how Ruxandra looses her innocence and naivety, how she becomes a creature of darkness while trying not to be a monster.

The story lays between the idea of Bram Stoker's legendary Vlad Dracula and Ann Rice's vampire with a soul. Ruxandra is daughter of the former, but has more similarities with the latter, with the regretful/tormented vampire that hates to feed on humans.

The dark atmosphere and the loneliness and fear vibe are well made. And the loneliness is a constant since Ruxandra spent most of the time in the book by herself. But don't be afraid of it, dear reader, her inner dialogue makes it very easy to read.

A entertaining tale, a little repetitive and slow at times but really well written. You have to read this story as the beginning of something, because that is what this is and, for me personally, the best part starts near to the end promising a good second book.

***This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review***