Craving Redemption

Craving Redemption - Nicole Jacquelyn 2.5 "this is not what I was expecting" stars.

Callie meet Asa at the wrong place, among wrong guys, involving wrong circumstances. And, after that first encounter, everything changes in Callie's life, needing Asa to protect and take care of her.

I didn't expect this story... And what was I expecting? I don't now, but at least, some of the good stuff I love in bikers books: that crime vibe with some intrigue, that always achieve to catch me. The dark atmosphere, that drags me in and stick with me for days. A hot badass hero with his hot badasses friends. Enough dirty talk, tough scenes, rough sex and great love... The usual MC background.

Unfortunately, this book has none of the characteristics mentioned above.
None. And it's a shame because I loved Craving Constellations and loved Grease in the first book. So knowing this story started where the first book ended, kept me on the edge, hungry for more.

And... Well, let's say, this book JUST starts where C. Constellations ends. Literally. After the first chapter, everything is past tense until the last chapter. Literally again.

And the past story about an immature and needy sixteen years old girl, and a guy named Asa (not Grease here. Really. He could had been a plumber or a mechanic with a bike) was not for me.
I wanted to kill her very often, and when I didn't want to kill here, I was wanting to kill Asa for loving her.
I didn't understand their relationship, and unfortunately I didn't feel it.

As I said, is a shame, because I started this story enthusiastically, and that's not the way I felt once I read it.

Anyway, I am probably going to try Craving Absolution, because I like Cody but, with this disappointment, this time I am starting the book with no hopes.